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Nestled Newness


Each quilt has an original story or poem quilted directly into it, in both white thread and a contrasting color thread.  In this way, the 800+ words are a functional part of the quilt holding three layers of fabric together.  We machine quilt– by hand– thus our ‘comma cursive’ is original and freehanded, making no two quilts exactly alike.

Nestled Newness

CW_nestled newness.jpg
CW_nestled newness.jpg
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Nestled Newness


Each quilt is machine quilted by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Our quilts are made to order, please allow at least 3 to 8 weeks for delivery. 

100% Cotton. Made in the USA by artisan quilters in Colorado.  


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Nestled Newness

hibernation wakes

orange lights and sweet love

as spring peeks through the clouds 

a snuggled newborn

quiet yet eager like spring wrapped in newness 


what sweet wonder

summer swirls

softened clouds and green grass

colors and sounds burst about

and in the middle of this

a calm and nestled newborn.


winter’s breath

is nicely warmed by nestled newness

while snowfall fades outside hushed homes 

what surprise and delight 

newborns bring an unexpected calm.