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Comma Workshop is a company dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective to the time-honored traditions of quilting and storytelling. Crafting original poems and stories about life and adventure, our talented artisans along the Front Range of Colorado thoughtfully sew these stories into every quilt.

Our goal is to create timeless, sophisticated quilts, with a hint of playfulness that are functional heirlooms for your home.

Each quilt has an original story or poem quilted directly into it, in both white thread and a contrasting color thread.  In this way, the 800+ words are a functional part of the quilt holding three layers of fabric together.  We machine quilt– by hand– thus our ‘comma cursive’ is original and freehanded, making no two quilts exactly alike.


Our Stories

Our original poetry and stories are written by designer (and collector of words) Kerry Larkin. Themes of life and adventure and how we create our place in the world at times combine with a surreal, dreamlike world. The more you live with your Comma quilt, the more words are revealed.

An excerpt from our Workshop Series quilt “Wading Toward Home”:

we will stay for the night.
the moon has reached out for us – we nod in response.
what passes in time {is a delightful mess,} softened, just so, by the moonlight penetrating the dust-soaked window.

it whispers stories as we rest,
wading toward home. molding ourselves into someone else’s dreams.


About Kerry Larkin

Kerry Larkin is the designer behind Comma Workshop.  In 2006, Kerry installed an art piece at the SAAW gallery in Philadelphia that explored fabric, typography, and storytelling. Wanting to explore this more, she went back to her roots and embraced quilting. From a family of quilt-makers, seamstresses, and upholsterers, Kerry is continuing the tradition with a fresh perspective.

Kerry’s past includes a degree in architecture from Penn State; a two year stint at Auburn University’s famed Rural Studio (enough time to fall in love with the deep south); and several years teaching industrial design to fabulous students at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. More importantly though, she’s sheared sheep, opened a yoga studio in rural Alabama, and dragged an 80-foot yellow arrow across the country.

Preferring nature to the fast life of the big city, Kerry now lives in Boulder, Colorado, sews daily and dreams of owning a dog named Walt Whitman.